CBI Training Program Faculty

Executive Committee

Michael Burkart, PI Chemistry & Biochemistry

Karen Christman (Bioengineering)

Michael Gilson (School of Pharmacy)

Kamil Godula (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Bradley S. Moore (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, School of Pharmacy)

Victor Nizet (School of Medicine)

Faculty Mentors

Ruben Abagyan (School of Pharmacy)
Structural bioinformatics, drug discovery, green chemistry, and study of the adverse effects of chemicals on human health.

Adah Almutairi (School of Pharmacy)
Development and design of polymers that fall apart in response to biological or external triggers to enable on-demand
drug delivery and disease-specific imaging agents.

Rommie Amaro (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Computational chemical biology and biophysics

Timothy Baker (Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biology)
Macromolecular, cryoelectron microscopy and three-dimensional, image-reconstruction techniques especially pertaining to the elucidation of virus structures.

Michael Burkart, PI Chemistry & Biochemistry
Secondary metabolite biosynthesis and production leading to new approaches for drug discovery, renewable energy and biomaterials.

Karen Christman (Bioengineering)
Biomaterials for tissue repair and regeneration.

Seth Cohen (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Inhibitors of metalloproteins for the development of therapeutics and the development of functional metal-organic framework structures.

Galia Debelouchina (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Chemical and spectroscopic approaches for structural biology of complex biological systems.

Neal Devaraj (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Bioorthogonal reactions and their use in molecular imaging and synthetic biology.

Pieter Dorrestein (School of Pharmacy)
Interrogation and classification of the therapeutically relevant proteins that are related to the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, or are involved in the formation of post-translational modifications.

Adam Engler (Bioengineering)
Mechanobiology of stem cells, progenitor cells, and their progeny as well as cancer cells using methods borrowed from tissue engineering, biomaterials, cell and molecular biology, and genetics. 

Sadik Esener (NanoEngineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Cancer nanotechnology and biophotonics.

William Gerwick (Scripps Institution of Oceanography / School of Pharmacy)
Marine Natural Products Drug Discovery and Biosynthesis

Partho Ghosh (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Structural biology of host-pathogen interactions.

Michael Gilson (School of Pharmacy)
Theoretical, simulation, and informatics approaches to molecular recognition, with applications in molecular design and drug discovery.

Kamil Godula (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Nanotechnologies for analysis of glycan function during development. Glycomaterials for stem cell-based tissue regeneration.

Tracy Handel (School of Pharmacy)
Structure and function of chemokines and the GPCR chemokine receptors.

Stephen Howell (School of Medicine, Moores Cancer Center)
Ovarian cancer and platinum-based drug chemotherapy resistance.

Patricia Jennings (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Uncovering the basis for the allosteric regulation of proteins by protein, metal and small molecule binding.

Elizabeth Komives (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Biophysics of protein-protein interactions, with a focus on dynamics and functional consequences.

Alexis Komor (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
DNA damage and repair; Genome editing.

Robert Mattrey (School of Medicine)
Noninvasive imaging techniques for improved diagnosis and monitoring of treatment efficacy for atherosclerosis and cancer.

J. Andrew McCammon (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Computational chemistry and biochemistry, including computer-aided drug discovery.

Tadeusz Molinski (Chemistry & Biochemistry, School of Pharmacy
Discovery of novel antiproliferative natural products from marine organisms, synthetic medicinal chemistry of proapoptotic small molecules, and chemical biology of natural product-ligand structures.

Bradley S. Moore (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, School of Pharmacy)
Biosynthesis of marine natural products, including pathway elucidation, enzymology, and metabolic engineering.

Victor Nizet (School of Medicine)
Bacterial pathogenesis and innate immunity.

Stanley Opella (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Molecular and structural biology of proteins through advanced high resolution NMR techniques.

Nicole Steinmetz (NanoEngineering)
Drug delivery and immunotherapies; molecular imaging for diagnosis and prognosis; virus-programmed materials.

F. Akif Tezcan (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
New inorganic supramolecular approaches to control the in vitro and in vivo assembly of functional protein complexes.

Navtej Toor (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Structural biology of RNA splicing.

Yitzhak Tor (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Chemical biology of highly charged biopolymers, including nucleic acids and proteogylcans and their interactions with small molecules.

Shyni Varghese (Bioengineering)
Adult and embryonic stem cells, biomaterials, smart hydrogels, cell/matrix interactions, disease progression, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine

Dong Wang (Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Structural biology and molecular mechanisms of cellular responses to DNA modifications, particularly the functional interplay between transcription and epigenetic DNA modifications and lesions.

Liangfang Zhang (NanoEngineering)
Design, synthesis, and evaluation of nanostructural biomaterials for biomedical applications including drug delivery.