CBI Coursework

213A. Structure of Biomolecules and Biomolecular Assemblies

A discussion of structures of nucleic acids and proteins and their larger assemblies. The theoretical basis for nucleic acid and protein structure, as well as methods of structure determination including x-ray crystallography, cryoEM, and computational modeling approaches will be covered.

216. Chemical Biology (4) 

A discussion of current topics in chemical biology including mechanistic aspects of enzymes and cofactors, use of modified enzymes to alter biochemical pathways, chemical intervention in cellular processes, and natural product discovery. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

Scientific Ethics

All trainees must complete a scientific ethics course. For Chemistry & Biochemistry Department students, this requirement is satisfied by the first year seminar taken in Spring, CHEM 250. For all other trainees, the ethics requirement can be fulfilled through any of the following campus course offerings: SOMI 226, COGS 241, SIO 273, SIO 232.