2018-2019 CBI Monthly Workshop

Second Tuesday of each month from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Pacific Hall 4500

Quarter Date Topic
Fall October 5, 2018 Illumina Career Exploration Day
November 13, 2018 TBD
December 11, 2018 TBD
Winter January 8, 2019 TBD
February 12, 2019 TBD
March 12, 2019 TBD
Spring April 9, 2019 TBD
May 14, 2019 TBD
June 2019 CBI Career Day

2018-2019 CBI Seminar Series 

Trainees should attend at least two of the four seminars below:

Date/Time/Host Speaker/Title/Location
Tue. Oct 2 @ 2pm
Hosted by UCSD Chem/Biochem Dept.
Robert Spitale
"Chemical Tools to Analyze the Transcriptome"
NSB Auditorium 1205
Thu. Oct 4 @ 12pm
Hosted by UCSD Chem/Biochem Dept.
Brian Sykes
"Is the Heart Druggable? The Development of Calcium Modulators"
NSB Auditorium 1205
Thu. Oct 11 @ 12 pm
Hosted by UCSD Chem/Biochem Dept.
Adrian Krainer
"Targeted antisense therapeutics for modulation of splicing or NMD"
NSB Auditorium 1205
Fri. Oct 12 @ 2pm
Hosted by TSRI
Christopher Chang / Michael Grogan
"Transition metal signaling in the brain and beyond / LLY-283, PRMT5 Inhibitor: Molecule Design and Target Discovery for an Arginine Methyltransferase"
W. M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater