2017-2018 CBI Monthly Workshop

Second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Pacific Hall 4500

Quarter Date Topic
Summer July 11, 2017 Technology Talk
August 25, 2017 Industry Tour: Janssen
September 22, 2017 Annual Symposium / BBQ
Fall October 10, 2017 Journal Club
November 14, 2017 Guest Speaker: Neal Devaraj "Meeting, Modifying, and Mimicking Biological molecules with Chemoselective Reactions" 
December 12, 2017 Tutorial: Computer Modeling, Keck Room (Urey Hall 2205)
Winter January 9, 2018 Canceled
February 13, 2018 Research Progress Presentation and Feedback I Speakers: Patrick Brunson, Taryn Lucas
March 13, 2018 R21 Grant Proposal Writing Introduction
Spring April 10, 2018

R21 Grant Proposal Writing Workshop I

  • Patrick Brunson: "Discovery and Engineering of Kainoid Biosynthesis for Drug Discovery"
  • Kayla Busby: "Enzymatic RNA Labeling for Affinity Isolation of RNA-Protein Complexes”
  • Albert Kakkis: "Probing the Role of Pi-Pi Stacking in Amyloid Fibrillation"
  • Kelsey Krug: "Role of Splicing Factors in Adipocyte Differentiation"
  • Taryn Lucas: "A Bead-Based Array to Identify Sepsis-Causing Bacterial Pathogens" 
May 8, 2018 R21 Grant Proposal Writing Workshop II
June 2018  CBI Career Day

2017-2018 CBI Seminar Series

Trainees should attend at least two out of the three seminars below.

Date/Time/Host Speaker/Title/Location
Thursday, May 3 @ 11am
Hosted by JCVI
Martin Jonikas
"Synthetic and systems biology approaches to investigate Chlamydomonas photosynthesis"
Monday, May 7 @ 4:30pm
Hosted by UCSD Chemistry/Biochem
Thomas Carell
"DNA Bases beyond Watson and Crick"
NSB Auditorium 1205
Thursday, May 10 @ 11am
Hosted by UCSD CMM Dept
Jim Haber
"Stability and instability in the repair of a broken chromosome"
Marilyn G. Farquhar Room